Why a Cardano Index?

Third more trusted network

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano are the most important blockchains and will keep growing and becoming more adopted by people worldwide.

Huge Potential

The whole ecosystem has grown exponentially, mainly on Ethereum or EVM compatible infrastructure, reaching a stunning 100.000 million dollars of Total Value Locked from that time to date. Now it’s the turn for non-EVM compatible blockchains to thrive. In recent months, Cardano has finally allowed smart contracts to run on its network.

Cardano’s ecosystem is about to make a breakthrough

Cardano is a proof-of-stake, sustainable and open-source blockchain with a big focus on interoperability, security, and scaling using a solid foundation of peer-reviewed data. Cardano is one of the few blockchains with solid community building.

A Passive Investment Cardano Index

This fund will provide a diversified portfolio of Cardano Assets that represent the process of wealth creation on Cardano. This means getting exposure to ADA, Defi protocol, NFT, and so more.