MAYZ brings the traditional financial knowledge of investment into a cross-chain technical solution.

TL;DR: MAYZ is a cross-chain platform that allows the creation of multiple indexes from different ecosystems to bring exposure to users in a seamless way.

How does MAYZ do it?


MAYZ Protocol is a decentralized protocol that allows the creation and management of investment funds by its community members. Its token, MAYZ, has the functionality to create the behavior incentives needed for the protocol to be managed by its community.


Types of Members:

  • Investor: this is the customer’s protocol. This role does not require holding MAYZ tokens. Only holds LP tokens from the protocol’s funds.
  • MAYZ Governance Members: this role participates in MAYZ governance. It can make and vote on proposals. It requires holding & stake MAYZ into the MAYZ governance smart contract (MGSC).

  • MAYZ Fund Manager: this role creates and manages MAYZ funds. It requires staking MAYZ into the creator fund smart contract (CFSM).

  • MAYZ Escrow: this role provides services to investors. It helps them mint LP tokens from the funds.


Fund Creation Process:

Through smart contracts and economic incentives, MAYZ token holders can propose, approve, create, and manage funds. The fund creation process requires staking a certain amount of MAYZ into the Creator Fund Smart Contract (CFSM) by the Fund Manager (FM). A proposal must be submitted to MAYZ Governance Members to create a new fund. Once the community approves it, the Fund Manager must stake MAYZ to generate the fund & set the initial parameters. Finally, it must perform an initial investment (regardless of size) for the fund to be operative.


Escrow Service:

Another essential role is the Fund Escrow (FE), which will be in charge of investing on behalf of the fund investor. The Fund Escrow receives funds from the investor, performs the deposit transaction into the Portfolio Management Smart Contract (PMSC), gets the accordingly LP token from the SC, and then sends it to the investor to complete the operation. It’s worth noting that any user can interact directly with the PMSC. The escrow service goal is to ease that process providing that the investing transaction can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming. To become an accredited escrow, MAYZ must be staked to provide an incentive for honest behavior.

Cross-Chain Investment

The game-changer solution

MAYZ brings investment to other blockchains with effortless cross-chain investment. We understand that investing in different blockchain tokens involves a reasonable amount of prior knowledge. Even if they know exactly which tokens they want to buy, investors still need to learn about the different Blockchains wallets and exchanges. MAYZ removes all of this friction and allows investors to buy a single token on the blockchain they are most familiar with.

What is an Index?

In traditional finance

An index is a method to track the performance of a group of assets in a standardized way.

Passive Investment Strategy

Our strategy

Passive investing attempts to replicate market performance by constructing well-diversified portfolios of single assets.