Our Path

Development Roadmap

Q3 2022F&F FundraisingCompleted
Whitepaper v1.0 ReleaseCompleted
Catalyst ApplicationCompleted
Cardano Fund Version 0.1Completed
Q4 2022Whitepaper v1.1 ReleaseCompleted
Early Investors Fund RaisingCompleted
ISPO LaunchCompleted
Q1 - Q2 2023Partnerships & Token SwapsCompleted
Index Fund On-Chain Data (Oracle) V 0.1Completed
MAYZ Protocol MVP SC DevelopmentCompleted
Launch Ambassadors ProgramIn Progress
UX / UI Design & MockUpCompleted
Q3 2023Front-End & Backend Dapp DevelopmentIn Progress
Legacy ISPOCompleted
Legacy ISPO Rewards DistributionIn Progress
MAYZ Token Open SaleCanceled
Improved ISPO LaunchCompleted
Liquidity Provision to Secondary MarketsCompleted
Q4 2023Third Party On-Chain Code ReviewIn Progress
On-Chain Code Open Source PublicationCompleted
On-Chain Code Unit Testing & Property-Based TestingPending
First Holders Rewards Mechanism Window (HRM)Completed
MAYZ Protocol Testnet LaunchIn Progress
MAYZ Protocol Private Testnet Feedback (Round 1)Pending
Q1 2024MAYZ Protocol Public Testnet Feedback (Round 2)Pending
Launch Ambassadors Program V2.0Pending
Launch MAYZ Grant ProgramPending
MAYZ Protocol Mainnet Release V1.0Pending
Second Holders Rewards Mechanism Window (HRM)Pending
Q2 2024Open Public MAYZ Rest APIPending
Oracle Partnership (Research & PoC for Price Feed)Pending
Cross-Chain Research & PoCPending
DeFi Integration to Dex & AggregatorPending
Q3 2024Fund Creation by Third Parties OpeningPending
Cross-Chain DevelopmentPending
Bridge PartnershipPending
NFT Based Fund ResearchPending
MAYZ Protocol Mainnet Release V2.0Pending
Q4 2024Cross-Chain Token Fund LaunchPending
Hydra Research & PoC MAYZ L2Pending
MAYZ Stablecoin Fund CollateralizePending
On-Chain Code Optimization (Plutarch)Pending

The roadmap is subject to change!